Thursday, March 01, 2007

She baa-aack...

...and she's definitely got the post-holiday blues. Well, who can blame her? A little girl can get used to life in the sunshine awfully quickly. Everyone was lovely to her (not that they aren't here too, but she just saw loads more people), it was gorgeous and warm, she got to wear her birthday suit all day long, swim in the sea, and her mum even relaxed enough to stop banging on about being green all the time, which was a blessed relief for everyone.

Dot did, however, go on a bit of a sleep strike. Let's hope she gets back on track now she's safely ensconced on the fab organic cot mattress which arrived while we were away (and was waiting for us literally on our doorstep when we returned along with several other parcels, all of which were of course untouched. Imagine that happenning in NYC. Someone had very kindly plowed our driveway too. Ditto. And I'm not just putting this to mollify my constructively critical neighbours...).
Anyhoo, here's what I know some of you have been waiting so patiently for: the pics.

First up, remember I posted about her tap dancing in delight the first time her feet touched the sand? Well here's what that looked like:

Hee hee! However, she quickly got the hang of things and by day three was so comfortable submerged in the groovy pool of a boutique hotel on a chi chi island in the Bahamas that she was able to affect the studied nonchalance of an old man on blackpool beach:
She loved the Bahamian cuisine, especially the local, er, plates:
And the chance to wear a dress like an actual girl.
Oh yes, this holidaying is serious stuff...
There we go. I might post more later too.
One of the wierdest things that hapenned on this trip was that there was a bit of a role reversal. While I accepted that while on holiday a certain number of plastic bottles and air miles were inevitable and sort of went with the flow, the hubby started saying things like, "We should have kept hold of yesterday's beach towels to save on laundry" and, when ordering dinner, "Is that fish locally caught?" Must have been the sun going to his head - it'll do that quicker when you haven't got much hair to keep it off.
Let's just hope he keeps it up once we get to Brooklyn.
Anyway, I'm afraid I've now got to go now and scratch my bites. It was all going so well till the last night when I got eaten alive - I've never had so many bites in my life. Aargh.
And thanks for your patience while we had a little break. We needed it. And now we're ready to get back with the program and figure out our next green moves.


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