Friday, February 16, 2007

Rice as a metaphor for life. Or something.

Something else unexpected happenned today. Dot started eating food - real food. But the unexpected part was that we found organic baby rice (Gerber) to feed her in Pecks of Narrowsburg, of all places (if anyone doesn't know what Pecks is, search the blog using our handy search facility for background).

We'd started for Honesdale, intending to get Dot's first food in the health food store there. But for some reason all the roads between here and there had barely been ploughed, and we were in John's flatbed truck (the one that had to be hauled out of the drive yesterday) which was fishtailing all over the road in a most alarming fashion, so I made us turn back and try Pecks instead (the roads in NY state are much better tended than those in PA which I suppose explains why their taxes are ten times what we pay).

Of course I thought they wouldn't have organic baby rice, and so of course they did. I didn't really trust it because it was Gerber, not some barefoot hippy brand, but you know what? Dot loved it. REALLY loved it. She practically bit my hand off and swallowed the spoon.

So now we're into the exciting new world of solids. This makes me even more happy we'll be round the corner from the Park Slope coop - we'll be able to get her lots of lovely fresh organic vegetables and stuff.

For some reason Dot starting solids has made me terribly excited. It's part of this whole new era in our little family - moving back to the city, starting new work projects, getting greener by the day, eating bland white mush off a spoon...

We'll just all have to hold hands together and jump.


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