Saturday, February 24, 2007


Over the past few days I've received some pretty unhappy comments from people who live in my hood. I'm not going to post the comments here because I don't want to further antagonize whoever sent them (anonymously). I'm a bit confused as I intended no harm whatsoever. However, for the record, I would say that somehow the blog has been taken in a spirit in which it was most definitely not intended. I love my neighbours, I love Milanville, I know I'm a bit crap (that's the point) and I know we're lucky to live here. I certainly have no quarrel with you, whoever you are, so I hope we can put this behind us. I'm truly very sorry if I've caused offense.

I tell you what, I'd make a useless celebrity. Two mean comments and I'm all aquiver. No wonder Britney shaved her hair off.


At 10:58 AM , Anonymous Nick said...

I don't think you've portrayed Milanville in a bad light at all! Reading back in Blighty, you paint a charming picture of upstate living. Makes me v jelous.

I remember when you first moved up there you posted how lucky you were to land in such a great community. We're thinking of a similar "out of the smoke" move ourselves.

Keep posting all the tips on being greener, as I have made simple changes on the back of your well researched comments. I do find myself straying occasionally, but Im getting there. Sadly haven't got the composting going yet, but it's only just getting up to the right temperature according to your blog, so I don't feel so bad. Knowledge is power.

Hope Dot is enjoying her paddling and looking forward to seeing the pics on your return.

At 4:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Littlegreendot,
What a pity that some people (a very small number I'm sure) don't get your self-deprecating sense of humor. Reading your blogs makes it pretty clear that you value the community you're lucky to be part of. Those who criticise should read with a little more insight, and perhaps not attach their own prejudices too quickly to your comments.
Anyone who read with care would certainly see that you are learning from your new neighbors, not criticizing them.
Hang in there.


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