Friday, February 16, 2007

Snot funny

It's funny, doing this blog. Just when you start to get a bit despondent and think you're running out of steam and subject matter, a friend phones you and says, "I've got an awful cold and I've been really good using the Seventh Generation tissues but it's like blowing your nose with a cheese grater." And you remember a conversation with another friend last week who said she'd invested in some old-school cotton hankies and had been using them, so you tell this other friend about it, and she says, "That's a good idea. I could even cut up an old sheet and use that for my nose," and you say, "Brilliant! That's what we should all do."

And then you go off into a bit of a reverie about how everything cloth or tissue-ish these days is disposable but how it definitely wasn't when you were a kid - you know, those wipes for cleaning the loo or the shower or your face which are just ridiculous and completely unneccessary (oh, and while I'm at it I saw an ad for a Swiffer Sweeper Vac last night - how completely extraneous and what a total waste of plastic...the link being they have disposable cloths on too. This is not the way the world should be going (and I don't think it will be for long. This is why I'm going back to work - to convince junior brand managers they can no longer magic up fabulous innovations like the Swiffer Vacuum, but more of that anon)).

Anyway, so I'm for vetoing all kinds of disposable cloth or tissue-ish items.

Actually the hanky could become a bit of an eco style statement, like the 'say no to plastic bags' bags we featured before. You could find some really cool-looking ones and pull them out of your cuff or pocket with a flourish at the opportune moment (as long as they're not too snotty, that is). They're super-soft on the nose, too.

Let's make the hanky this year's indispensable cold and flu accessory - man's size for optimum absorbency. Are you in?


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