Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Putting pits to the test

Got to be quick because I must get more sleep tonight but thought I owed you an update on the armpit exercise, you lucky people.

So, today was a rogue warm day - warm as in early summer, complete with French windows open and people dining al fresco all over Park Slope (I know this because I went to yoga tonight after Dot was in bed. Have to get some exercise in somehow, don't I). Since I was dressed for early spring (well it was bloody freezing last week), today was the perfect torture test for the baking soda.

And what I have to report is that, even after the yoga, things really weren't too much niffier than they might have been in my Mitchum days. What I found hard to deal with was the unaccustomed and persistent damp sensation which made me feel like I needed a good shower even after I've just had one and then for the rest of the day.

I'm going to see if I can make it to the end of the week. But I don't think I could do this in summer proper. I don't mind looking like a geek with my 'no plastic bags' bag, slightly worn, unfashionable clothes or my packed lunch, but I draw the line at dark underarm circles. Sooo not a good look.


At 11:23 AM , Blogger From Hobos to Hobnobs said...

darling - I can highly recommend Tom's Natural deodorant. Their 'unscented' smells a little medicated which I kind of like and to be honest I don't get that dripping sweatiness that I get with the crystal and I don't smell either. Tho I havent spent a Tennessee summer in it, it is currently up in the 70s here so I feel like I would have noticed by now if it were really unpleasant. As for Tom's toothpaste we tried it and it's really bad. sorry I am pretty eager to be as green as possible but it makes one's mouth taste like pants.....
p.s. check out the blog today you can listen to the radio show damian and I did together this morning :) xxxx

At 12:43 PM , Anonymous said...

Speaking of toothpastes, Domino Mag just had an eco-friendly home products sale and had Acca Kappa toothpaste. Supposedly all the greenies rave about it!!!! Not sure, but worth checking out!!!



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