Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bags, jeans, blah...

You know how when nobody's looking you think you can get away with stuff? I got to the checkout yesterday in Westerley Health, the totally fab health food superstore near the office, and realized I didn't have a bag with me, and had a bit too much stuff to carry without one. Ah well, I though, I guess it can't hurt just this once and no one at work really knows yet that I'm about to start trying to pass myself off as a paragon of greenly virtue so they won't even notice if I waltz back in with a placcy bag full of healthy snacks.

And then the old bloke in front of me finished paying, bent down and painstakingly arranged his shopping in of those backpack-on-wheels-with-a-handle, knelt on it to wiggle the zip shut and headed out.

After that of course I had to improvise. I stuffed my handbag and pockets full - anything to not be one of those wierd people I keep giving dirty looks to in health food stores because they buy organic food but take it home in plastic bags. Does this strike anyone else as inconsistent? I even got stopped by a security bloke in Wholefoods the other day because I'd stashed our shopping in the bottom of Dot's buggy, bag-free. He thought I was pinching it. Luckily I had the receipt, but you'd think he'd be used to people not using bags.

Maybe it was because of my wardrobe which after six months at home with a baby in the country is perhaps not ideally suited to life in Manhattan. Was it the jeans falling apart at the crotch or the coat streaked with salt, mud and baby sick? I will get some new jeans soon but I need to get paid first. I've been eyeing up the organic cotton Loomstate jeans in a lovely little boutique round the corner but they're the best part of $200. Needless to say I was consequently rather thrilled to learn that H&M will shortly be launching a range of organic cotton clothing including jeans. Oh bugger, because I'm typing this on the hubby's mac it won't let me do proper links (nor to post the pics of Dot I had for you patient people) so if you can be bothered, paste this into your browser:

Should probably hold out for those, then. And while I'm at it I might have to get me one of those tunics, too.

Apparently Top Shop has a similar range in the works so before long we can all be both trendy AND smug.

Not that we weren't already.


At 5:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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