Monday, March 19, 2007

Diaper disagreements

Something seems to be brewing in the cloth nappy department, and I don't just mean whatever Dot's cooked up.

Basically what's been happenning since we moved in is, I use cloth, Sarah washes them, the hubby uses disposables and we have a silent agreement to mind our own business (I'd like him to be using cloth too but since he's now doing a good 50% of the childcare, I guess he gets to make some decisions too).

Until yesterday.

As I was wrangling Dot into a cloth nappy, he sidled up to me and said, "My Mum was out with [a friend who just had her third baby] who said, why make something which is already difficult even harder by using cloth nappies?"

"But it isn't hard," I replied, as I tried for the 15th time to get Dot to sit still for long enough for me to wrap the prefold tightly round her little thighs, bring the sides together with a handy little widget called a snappi, repeat this step at least eight times till I got it right, stuff her into a woolie cover, stretch her onesie over her enlarged botty and force her trousers back on. "She's the easiest baby in the world and I'm really getting the hang of this now."

He watched the performance with a raised eyebrow then left the room.

Later, as I was getting Dot ready for her bath, my Mum came into the bathroom and closed the door conspiratorially behind her.

"I probably shouldn't be telling you this," she said in a low voice, "But I overheard the hubby earlier telling his mother he's going to put his foot down soon about these cloth nappies."

Blimey. We've got the grannies and the neighbours involved now. Whatever next?

But I haven't seen much evidence of this foot-putting down.

I reckon the hubby's all mouth and no trousers.

BTW sorry for the radio silence - my parents were in town and it was all a bit much. Thanks for sticking with us.



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