Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Come back hubby. All is forgiven

Sorry I've been a bit slack these last few days. The hubby's gone back to the US leaving me and Dot to fend for ourselves in the wilds of Hampshire and Dot's gone on a sleep strike in protest.

Last night, despite being the tiredest girl in the world, she flat out refused to go to bed in her hammock, then woke me up five hours after I'd finally got to sleep for a natter and never went back to sleep. The previous night, new year's eve, she decided to start her celebrations at 12.30, finally called it a night around 2, then carried on partying at 5 in the morning, followed by an 8am wake up call (ah, gotta love motherhood).

Usually T takes her in the morning so I can sleep in. In his absence, I was to be found this morning desperately trying to doze while distracting Dot with a giant Toblerone (unopened, of course), a hairdryer and an old sock. She was about as impressed with these props as you'd expect.

As a result we've been a bit tired to do anything green, which just goes to show - the hubby may not be the greenest of greenies himself (although he is getting there), but without him, me and Dot can't get on with our usual planet-saving stuff. So darling, I take it all back. You are the wind beneath our reduced carbon footprint.

Speaking of carbon footprints, Dad was listening the radio in the car today and heard that the idea of reducing your carbon emissions has so taken hold in the UK that now 'reducing your footprint' is in the English vernacular. You don't even need to say 'carbon' any more. Can those of us who live in the US say the same? I think not. So, readers, let's start spreading it, just like the character in Mean Girls who goes round saying 'fetch' the whole time (as in 'that is so fetch').

Only hopefully the footprint thing will actually stick.

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