Sunday, December 31, 2006

Feelgood new year's resolutions

I know this is about the least original thing I could post about but I'm going to do it anyway. Yes, it's an exhortation to make green new year's resolutions!

The good thing about going green is not only will it save the planet, save you money (bills and buying less generally), help you lose weight (walking, cycling) and make you healthier (no more ingesting and inhaling nasty chemicals), but, unlike most other new year's resolutions, which as far as I can make out are designed to take all the joy out of life (join a gym, stop drinking, stop eating, stop wasting hours on eBay and buying Marc Jacobs shoes (oh, is that just me?), it is now also scientifically proven to make you happier (see my Dec 26th post).

Hurrah! The new year's resolution that makes you feel good about yourself, a rare thing indeed.

Of course it only works if you stick to it. So here's some ammunition to ponder over your hangover: this week alone saw the first submersion of an inhabited island by rising sea levels (now I'm even more jealous of my brother and sister in law who are off to the Maldives in Feb - I may not make it before they completely disappear (the islands, not the in-laws)) and a chunk of the polar ice shelf nine times the size of London collapsing into the ocean. Pretty sobering stuff for new year's day.

So tonight eat, drink, be merry - and tomorrow go out and build a compost heap, recycle your christmas tree, stop using bleach and walk to the pub. Oh, and read littlegreendot, of course. If there's a break in the weather, that's what I shall be doing, anyway.

Happy new year. xxx

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