Friday, December 29, 2006

My Birthday Pressie from GWB

Dear old Georgie - he must have known yesterday was my birthday because on the front page of all the papers was the news that his administration has agreed to look into the impact of climate change on the arctic ice cap because of the imminent extinction of the polar bear. From the Times:

In a move that will have profound consequences not only for the polar bear but potentially for America’s polluting industries, the Administration declared last night that the polar bear should be added to its endangered species list because of the drastic melting of its habitat. The move would trigger mandatory legal safeguards that could potentially force US industries to cut their carbon dioxide output.

Apparently they've only been compelled to act because people love polar bears so much but still, whatever it takes. Nothing set in stone yet though, so we'll see...

Of course Fox News says it's stuff and nonsense - polar bears are just fine according to them.

Well, the hubby just gave me the BBC series Planet Earth on DVD for my birthday; apparently it has some pretty grueling footage of a polar bear dying of starvation because he can't get to his food. Maybe I'll send them the footage and see what they think.



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