Friday, December 29, 2006

Well done Mum

Mum's really taken this 'saving the planet for Dot' thing to heart. Everywhere I look there's a bottle of Ecover something-or-other peeking back at me - loo cleaner, shower gel, hand soap, washing-up liquid, you name it... She's even switched to green laundry detergent which for a laundry nazi like her is a major sacrifice (the MIL who's also obsessed with white whites as done the same and so far both are pleasantly surprised with the results).

I have had to have a word with Dad about his lack of compost heap, though. He's working on it. Maybe he, Dot and I can get out in the garden and do it together - a tri-generational green bonding activity. Actually Dot's great-granny also knows a thing or two about composting so hell, let's get her in on the act too!

I hope to have news of compst heaps up and running in a day or two.

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