Sunday, December 31, 2006

Right to Reply

Never let it be said that we aren't scrupulously fair here on littlegreendot. So here's what Nick the Teeth had to say on the topic of toothpaste:

Dear Big Sis, Love reading the blog, and big respect for all you're doing raising awareness of green issues. Just to let you know, I have nothing against hippies, I love hugging trees as much as the next man. When it comes to the lack of fluoride in toothpastes however, I think it is just plain negligent to omit it. You only get one set of gnashers, and the intro of fluoride in toothpaste has had a huge impact in reducing tooth decay in the last 30 years. Your Little Green Bro. xx .

Excellent. Point taken, fluoride it is. And Nick, if you're serious about being a little green dentist (or even a reasonably big one), perhaps you might consider encouraging your patients to switch to Tom's of Maine fluoride toothpastes. They're made using all natural ingredients and the company is tres green - wind-powered factories, all recycled packaging, 10% of profits go to good causes, etc. And here's the best bit - I've even found out that they sell it in Green Street Green Waitrose - right next door to your surgery! What's not to love? You too can change the world, one gob at a time. Check it out at

PS Mum's off to buy some now.

And to the rest if my readers, I promise that's all for now on the subject of teeth

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