Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Quick one

Keeping it brief today - a long day down to the city and back in a borrowed car (petrol. I feel dirty) to get poor Dot stuck with about 73 needles. She was a trooper as ever but decided no paparazzi today.
And I'm trying to sort out my future. I'd love to sit at home blogging with Dot forever but I only earn on average $1.42 per day from it and even in the country that ain't enough to eke out a living. So I'm trying to take our greening to a bigger stage. Watch this space.
I'm also depressed because it turns out the car needs a new engine and of course a diesel engine is twice the price of a petrol one. I call that discrimination against the color of your environmentalisms. Still, think of all the carbon savings while we wait for it to be ordered and then installed. Will almost cover us for our next flight home.

By the way, someone sent me the press release for this book today.

I reckon our littlegreeendot entries would be like this only better. What do you think readers? Do you know any agents who might like us? Answers on an e-card, please...

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At 7:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

so recent studies show that desiel fumes possibly damage infants developing lungs-
so what's it to be childrens lungs or the planet?

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