Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A round-up of interesting stuff I came across today

The Bush administration is being investigated for pressuring scientists to cover up evidence of global warming.

Glaciers are melting faster than ever

It's definitive: global warming is now cool, if you see what I mean. Especially if you get a bunch of pop stars together to release a record the lyrics of which are from a never-before-seen poem Jim Morisson wrote in a nostradamus-esque forshadowing of what's going on right now, man. A bit more info on this here. These guys' efforts make ours look pretty tame.

Oh yeah, and I only just noticed this: Bush wants scientists to develop giant mirrors to bounce the sun's rays back into space and release dust into the atmosphere to block them out. Because then, like we could just all carry on doing exactly what we're doing now, only under a cloud of black smoke, and everything will be fine, yo.

Excuse me. I think I might just have to go and break something.

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