Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Xmas pressies

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Every green website and blog has done nice features on green Christmas pressies to buy people so I decided to do it differently and just tell you what green pressies I want for Xmas – in case anyone out there was thinking of getting me one (oh, and don’t forget it is my birthday on December 28th too). So here goes:

- I’d love this gadget that turns household waste into logs you can burn. Apparently better than recycling because you make your waste lighter and that reduces the petrol for transporting it. My mother-in-law told me they’re a bit crap but I still fancy giving it a go

- Getting someone a service instead of a thing is much greener. So, I’d like a Brazilian wax, a pedicure and my chimney swept (no, that isn’t a euphemism you naughty people – our wood stove chimney is in need of a clean, and a clean chimney is a more energy efficient one)

- A new jacket – not for me, for the hot water tank

- I’d love someone to do the trees to offset the carbon emissions from our flights to the UK…
…or, on a similar vein, we want to plant a load of conifers along the edge of our land, so trees themselves would be good. Think of all the CO2 our tree-fence would gobble up

- My friend Anna’s store Nest has green goodies I love, like Pangea organic soap – plant the box and flowers grow – and a beautiful minimalist dustpan and brush (weird to be asking for cleaning products but this is made from natural materials by blind people in Sweden and anyway, if you are getting someone a material good, something practical they’ll actually is much greener than some old knickknack they won’t)

- If I had a fairy godfather, I’d ask him for solar panels so we could generate our own eleccy ‘off the grid’ or to have the house insulated with eco-friendly insulation

- I’d love a new pair of Marc Jacobs shoes. Oops, sorry, that just slipped out. Er, scrap that one…

And as for Dot, well, she’s been spoiled so rotten this year she says all she wants for Xmas is her two front teeth. But since she won’t be getting those for a few months yet, I said how about a couple of nice long-sleeved organic cotton onesies and she seemed fine with it.

We’re off to England in the morning so we probably won’t get a chance to post tomorrow, so happy Wednesday, we’ll be back in a day or two. xxx

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