Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Nest nexus

Dot and I did some good work this weekend. We'd been thinking for some time that we needed to do our bit towards greening our local PA community but were't sure where to start (recycled loo roll in Pecks aside).

Well, our friends Kelly and Anna just opened a lovely shop, Nest, in Narrowsburg (go visit!) and it's turned out to be a bit of a magnet for the local liberal arts contingent. On Saturday night they had an opening party where we managed to get at least three people to listen to our sermon about switching to wind power, had a great conversation with Will (who owns the coffee shop next door to Nest) about making Narrowsburg the first completely solar powered town on the Delaware, and promised an NY-based artist Daria Dorosh ( we'd look into whether such thing as a reliable biodegradeable plastic bag exists (Daria, we're working on it). Daria is also a member of the local nature preservation society (I think - need to confirm!) so all in all we felt we'd met some good contacts.

It all seemed really easy after a couple of glasses of pink champagne. Well, we've made a start and we mean to continue. Mind you, we're off to the UK tomorrow so Dot can hang with her grannies (and her great granny) so upstate greening will have to be on hold till the new year.



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