Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Good Husband

So, I caught the hubby going behind my back.

It's true. When I'm not looking he's been - wait for it - being green. For example, yesterday, I offered to go to the garbage/recycling centre, usually his job. "Oh no," he said, "It takes ages because you have to separate out the glass, metal and plastic [we put all three into one bin]. I'll do it." "What," I asked, taken aback, "So you've been doing that every Saturday for the past eleven months?" "Well, bar once or twice, yes," he said with an air of faux nonchalance. Who knew?

Then this morning, he got back from doing the laundry (see, you're impressed now, aren't you - a hubby who always does the trash and the laundry (today he even did the shower curtains)) and as I passed him unpacking it, I noticed a bottle of the eco laundry detergent they sell at Pecks, which I knew I hadn't bought. I held it up. "Did you buy this?" I asked. "Yes," he replied (that faux nonchalance thing again). "Hm, I'm impressed," I said. "What, you didn't think I'd buy Tide, did you?" he said indignantly. "I'm insulted."

And finally, this evening, after those Huggies we bought (which are nearly all gone at last) had failed to contain yet another of Dot's pant explosions, I said to him, "These Huggies are crap." "Yeah, don't worry, we'll get some Seventh Generation ones in the city tomorrow," he replied. Blimey! I'm hoping my Nature Boy and Girl delivery will arrive, but still.

So I don't know what's got into him, but I like it. Except who will I take the piss out of on this blog if he goes getting all good?


At 2:42 PM , Blogger Emiliano said...

you've convinced me. sabrina and i are going green!!!!


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