Thursday, December 07, 2006

S'no joke

As I type, my windmill should be brewing up lots of nice zero emission electricity - it's currently 17 farenheit up here (that's about -10C, UK readers), windy and snowing. Snowing, hurrah!

At dusk, we took Dot for a walk to the river. It was snowing gently, the clouds were pale pink and everything was beautifully quiet. We chatted easily about local topics, like what we'd do if a bear attacked while T was wearing the baby bjorn (he'd only planned for the other scenario, in which case he'd fight the bear while we girls backed off slowly then ran for our lives. I suggested he get me a bear bell for Xmas).

Then the wind got up, the temperature went through the floor and we could barely see our way home across the field for snow. T had told me I was being neurotic, bringing the extra baby blanket just in case. He soon changed his tune (I made him acknowledge it, too).

Don't worry, she slept through it all and her little hands were even warm when we got home.


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