Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sleeping beauty

I've been finding it quite hard to keep my eye on the ball with the greening lately because of trying to get Dot to learn to sleep without the boob. I don't know if you've been through this but suffice it to say I got a glimpse yesterday of what postnatal depression might be like. At certain points during the course of the day, banging my head against the wall or similar seemed like an entirely rational thing to do, so wracked was I with guilt about letting my beautiful happy charming little girlywig cry. In the end, instead of the banging, I called a sleep consultant for reassurance. I knew what I was doing - I was basically paying someone to assuage my guilt by telling me I was doing the right thing (I also thought it was a good idea to involve a third party so I didn't end up blaming the hubby for this too). A bit like a management consultant or a psychic, all she really did was tell me what I already knew but made it sound good and hey, I felt better afterwards so it had to be worth it.

Today something like peace and harmony was restored to our little house. Dot was on dazzling form, we had an excellent baby yoga
session and as you can see, she got some zs.
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