Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm channeling Bon Jovi. Please help...

I can't believe how long it's taken me to get round to telling you this, but I think the mother-in-law has cracked the shampoo issue.

She came to see us several weeks ago laden down with gifts, among them a bottle of Green People moisturising shampoo. It's great. Leaves my hair all smooth and silky, like it hasn't been since the Kerastase amnesty. It is of course paraben-, petroleum- and sodium lauryl sulfate-free. Hurrah. I could even use it on Dot (though she has her own California Baby, don't you know).

She (the MIL) subsequently got me the conditioner too for collection it when we were in the UK. It seemed full of promise. Then the hubby packed it in his hand luggage on the way from Dublin to Bristol and it had to be relinquished at check-in - bugger.

Am now trying to decide if I can justify ordering some online and incurring the airmiles. I've done a bit of
research and they're such a nice company I think I might have to. Or if anyone reading is planning a trip over soon, will you be my Green People mule to cut down on postage and packaging? Humid August in New York is not a good place for anyone's hair.

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