Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy July 4th

(This is a bit of a crap post as can't seem to make the hubby's mac play nicely with Blogger, so apologies for that.)

So, of course I didn't find time to do my bag-free-fourth thing. Luckily Sally at Carry-a-bag is on the case and has created a lovely bag for the occasion. Check it out on her blog at

Also, have you signed Al Gore's petition yet? I'm not entirely convinced that these things really work but since that nice Mr. Gore keeps emailing me I figure it'd be rude not to sign his thing for him, so why don't you all do the same?

We're planning a Live Earth party for Saturday. Are you?

And finally, thanks much to everyone who took the time to recommend shampoo. Best so far is Sarah from downstairs's - I think it's called EO. Also recommended: Aveda and Nature's Gate but I must let you all know that those two do contain parabens and those are part of what I'm trying to avoid (see previous post: So cheers, and happy (annoyingly rainy) 4th. xxx


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