Thursday, May 03, 2007


Hi all. So I'm now starting to feel bad about having the place upstate at all because now we're not there full time, how can we justify the driving? (I don't think it increases our carbon foorprint any ohter ways as we live greener when we're there than - eating local, keeping lights off, low-flow loo, composting, etc). But then look how idyllic it is for the little bubba, below (and, alright, for us). I want her to have this as her antidote to nyc where we have to be to earn our living. So for now the challenge is making the drive less bad. With this in mind we're hoping to test drive a hybrid this weekend from zipcar (shared ownership concept alert). I'm excited to see how it drives. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, since we've been so crap at keeping up, I think you deserve some piccies.

Messing about on the river.

Who needs plastic toys when there are rocks to eat?
Or (empty) beer bottles?
Or daddy's glasses?
Bathing in the washing up bowl to save water. Such a greenlittledot.


At 6:43 PM , Anonymous lynn said...

That looks like Narrowsburg? I love that place on the byway with that view of the river just before Callicoon. beautiful!

Precious baby, too. Love those big curious eyes. Seems into mischief just like mine, too.

There are also busses from NYC, not very practical perhaps with a little one in tow. But for some, it works.

Good luck on the test drive.

At 1:36 PM , Blogger Will said...

Bless. Lovely last picture.


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