Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Our muse in the top 100 eco heroes of all time

UK newspaper the Guardian has published a list of the world's top 100 eco-heroes of all time today, per the British government's Environment Agency. And there, at number 91, are Tom and Barbara from The Good Life! For those of you not familiar, The Good Life was a show we grew up on in the 70s about an earnest young middle class couple in the suburbs who sack in their jobs to live a sustainable life growing their own vegetables, rearing chickens, goats and pigs and generating electricity from the methane produced by their manure.

We rather fancy ourselves as Tom and Barbara, but with bears. Except on the days I fancy wearing a Kaftan. Then we're Margot and Jerry.



At 9:54 AM , Anonymous alexena said...

hey ms green - I'm looking for somne super stylish inexpensive eco-friendly christmas know a good source??? I know I shouldnt even send them, which is fine with me, but not my mother-in-law so I'm sending to all....


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