Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dot in a Pot (or, Dottie for dinner)

Oh dear, how could this have happenned? After I was so careful with the orange hat and all, too!

Just kidding, unfortunately this is the kind of thing her father does for kicks these days. Well, it's not as if there's much else to do of a frigid Pennsylvania evening and I suppose t beats drinking 72 pints of lager down the pub.


At 1:01 PM , Anonymous Sally-Anne said...

Hey Freya,
Sally-Anne here! Alex sent me the link to your blog. Congratulations on Dot! She's beautiful, looks like you (although I don't know what your hubby looks like). Such dark eyes already. Sounds like you are having a right old time, glad you are enjoying yourself.
I had a boy in April, Oliver. He rocks. He's so much fun, a very easy, sociable baby. I'm not sure of your email address, but I'll send you a photo when I have it.
I'm back at work, which means I'm really busy, and end up reading blogs/ mailing and ignoring it all...
Take care, Sally-Anne. x
PS: Andy's grandmother was Dorothy and we really liked the name, but didn't think Oliver would forgive us....


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