Thursday, November 09, 2006


Apologies if you got to your computer this morning breathless with anticipation for news of the contents of the Steve Smith mousetrap. I was too scared to brave the dark, rain and latent threat of confrontation with axe-murderers to forage for bamboo skewers in the barn, so was hoping I'd get away with using the sonic deterrent devices.

Unfortunately there was one tiny but telltale dropping on the kitchen table this morning and our house guest Nathan reported further seed sightings under the pillow in the spare room. So I’ve constructed the mousetrap and will activate it tonight. As you might have guessed from the diagram, getting the baking tray to balance on the skewer is no mean feat, and I’m sure if we do catch anything, the noise of it falling will give the poor bugger a lethal heart attack, thereby somewhat defeating its purpose, but we'll try. Still better than releasing noxious substances into the fragile Milanville ecosystem.

To make up for the disappointment I’ve scoured the web to bring you this exciting green innovation just in from Japan.

Yes, it’s No!, a bra made entirely from recycled materials that in just a few simple steps can be converted into a handy….shopping bag! All you need to do is remove the bra in the middle of the supermarket, undo the bag components from beneath the underwires and hey presto, you can carry your dinner home with a clear conscience! Emmeline Pankhurst would be proud. I'm so getting one (or at least I would if I wasn't going to be wearing super-sexy nursing bras for the foreseeable future...). If only every company in the world thought like this there’d be no need for the likes of me…

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